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The mission of Ray's House is to provide a place like home for children who are in the foster system.

Our Services:

Foster Care

Foster Care is a system designed to provide care and protection for minors who have been removed from their family of origin due to reasons such as abuse, neglect, or safety concerns. Here are some key points about foster care:
    Foster Placement:
  • A child can be placed into a ward, group home or with a private state-certified caregiver known as a “foster parent.”
  • Placement is typically arranged through government agencies or social service organizations.
  • Foster parents receive compensation for expenses related to caring for the child, except when the placement is with a family member.
    Legal Process:
  • The state, represented by the family court and child protective services agency, stands in loco parentis (in place of the parent) for the minor.
  • While the state makes legal decisions, the foster parent is responsible for the day-to-day care of the child.
    Challenges and Concerns:
  • There are concerns about the efficacy of foster care services currently available.
  • Poor retention rates among social workers are challenging for current systems in place.
  • Overworked social workers, emotional strain, and minimal compensation lead to high turnover rates.
  • Due to shortages of social workers and high demand for foster needs, the ability to adequately serve clients and their families are at risk.
    Why Foster Children Need our Help:
  • Children in foster care experience a range of negative outcomes compared to the general population including a higher number of health and psychiatric conditions.
  • Additional supervision and support are needed to protect foster children and provide coping skills to help them recover from situations of abuse.
  • There is a high poverty rate with many foster children becoming homeless by the age of 18. Our help and resources are needed to give these children their best chance to succeed.

It’s essential to address these challenges and improve the well-being of children in foster care through better support, retention strategies for social workers, and effective services. Please reach out to us to be a part of the solution.


The educational challenges faced by children in foster care are significant, and the coordinated efforts between education and child welfare agencies are crucial for improving their outcomes. Here are some important things to think about in regard to a foster child's needs and how we can help them reach their educational goals.
    Foster Care Transition:
  • A child who has been placed in foster care may have additional needs we should address to help them navigate social, emotional, and educational challenges to help them build the skills needed to transition into adulthood; they may need special assistance to communicate these needs as well depending on their individual circumstances.
    Educational Stability:
  • Policies have been developed to address immediate school enrollment and timely transfer of education records. However, there are concerns about the efficacy of foster care services currently available so any additional support we can provide to them is crucial. Some foster children are in need of additional educational supports beyond placement in a school.

These policies are part of a broader effort to provide the necessary support for foster care students to achieve educational stability and success. Please reach out to us to see how you can help.


Here are some additional resources available in our community to help foster children:
    Embrace Washington
  • Enriching the lives of children in foster care throughout Eastern Washington since 2014.
    Spokane Angels
  • The Spokane Angels mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.
    The Arc of Spokane
  • The Arc of Spokane offers a variety of services including childcare checks, a nursery for people experiencing a crisis, childcare assistance and many other services.

These are only a few resources available to enhance the well-being of children in our community. We are working hard every day to provide more support to children in our community who need our help. Your help is needed to help us help the children of our community. Please reach out to us if you would like to offer your support.

Information on Washington's Foster Children:

These statistics are based on information posted by the Northwest Adoption Exchange (June 2024) and should be regarded as an estimate only as the number of children in foster care changes daily.

Our Wish List:

    Finding Home:
  • We are still in the process to find a place to call home.
  • Cash donations are gladly accepted and needed.
  • Call us if you are interested in hosting your own fundraising event or helping us with one.
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Our Members

  • Sally Mires, President
  • Julie Stannard, Vice President
  • Chaytis' Ross, Secretary
  • Justine Quimby, Treasurer
  • Chelsea Ross, Community Outreach
  • Paulette Hines, Community Outreach
  • Hannah Mekkas, Community Outreach
  • Ariana Porter-Baker, Community Outreach

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